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Air Duct Cleaning



What is your family breathing at home?

Dust, pollens, allergens, dust mites…all being spread by your central heating and air conditioning system. If you haven’t cleaned your system for a few years, chances are it’s full of all these things.

Improve Your Family’s Health with Air Duct Cleaning by Extreme Clean!

Air duct cleaning is a very simple solution that can yield incredible results in the quality of air in your home. People with allergy problems will benefit the most from air duct cleaning. Allergies can be triggered with exposure to the slightest of elements, that is why it is important to have your air duct system (where all your homes air flows through) cleaned out routinely.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dirty dryer vents are the silent cause of many house fires. The hot lint coming off your clothes get sucked in through your dryer vent. Occasionally these materials stay in your vents and over time will pile up and start becoming a problem. These materials are flammable and have resulted in countless home fires over the years.

Sanitizer & Deodorizer

Extreme Clean only work with eco friendly sanitizers and deodorizers. All our products are safe for any kind of environment and used around pets and children. Extreme Clean can add and recommend a sanitizer and deodorizer to any job we do.